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Welcome to Siddhis Havana Browns, the home of international, regional and breed winners.

Siddhis (pronounced CITY) literally means “a perfection”. In our mind, the Havana Brown is “a perfection”. Not only in beauty, but personality. Havana Browns are even-tempered, affectionate and social cats. They are very people oriented and love human companionship. One book claims they are “the dog of the cat world”, making them a great addition to a home with dogs.

When you look into the deep green eyes of a Havana Brown, that just sparkle against their deep, mahogany coat, you’ll fall in love. And if that doesn’t capture your heart, their fun-filled, loving spirit will do the job!

You can learn more about the Havana Brown on this site, and see some of our award-winning adults and kittens. We’re glad you’ve visited our site and hope to hear from you soon! 


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