Roofspringer Mahagony Quinn was the first Havana Brown imported into the United States.Agility
Havana Browns love to play and learn. A new exhibit at many cat shows is cat agility. CH Fullapurr Hershey of Siddhis was trained for agility and competed at the World Cat Congress in Houston TX. At that time it was exhibition only. Today cats can earn titles and even prize purses! To learn more visit:

CH Fullapurr Hershey of Siddhis was the first Havana Brown registered with ICAT
(pictured at right).

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Feline Agility Competition -

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In todayís world filled with additives, pesticides and other harmful materials, itís important that we take even better care of our precious cats. To learn more about a natural diet and how you can help your cat stay healthy, visit Dr. Anna Maria Gardner, DVM has helped the cats at Siddhis Havana Browns stay healthy and happy for many, many years.

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